importing html file into another

We use a Phantom search engine to index our web site. However, the banner management of this app, altough very nice, does not support our banner filosophy.

This program allows one to build search pages using templates (bits of html code), which is the main reason why I am posting this.

We have our own app for banner management. I've been trying to interconnect both apps, and had some success. Using frames, I've been able to open one page to get the banner from the DB, and the other frame would be the built-by-Phantom search page. However, due to it's template approach, it breaks somewhere...

And now comes the question, for those of you who are still reading this ;)

Is there any way of opening the banner page on the search page (in JavaScript) like a frame?

Thx in advance
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Of course you could use an <iframe> but I don't think you want to do that.

What you should try to achive is that the banner is included as a template into the result page.
As I don't know the Phantom, I'm unsure about how to achive this.
If you could tell the Phantom to use a dynamic page (CGI or JSP or PHP or whatever) for template input you can create a CGI returning whatever banner you'd like to appear (from your banner app)


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May be more than you want to take on, but Cold Fusion has an include tag that works very well: <CFINCLUDE template
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