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I have this hardware problem on a floppy disk,  I cannot seem to get the floppy going, I changed the ribbons, installed a new floppy disk, would it be the bios??  When I boot it up, it says searching for boot record from floppy???  Somebody help me out


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did you check you settings in bios?
Have you tried it in another computer, or tried a different drive?  Because you may just have a defective drive.
There may be any of several reasons why the floppy drive is not working.  First check your bios settings to ensure that you have them set to search for the hard drive and not just for the floppy drive.
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Is the Floppy disk plugged in to the power source?  Do you get a light on the floppy?  Does the power cable plugging in to the floppy work?
Sounds more like BIOS boot sequence problem than FDD issue here. If the drive were defective, you'd probably get some error that mentions the FDD. Try putting a bootable floppy in the drive, see what happens.

It sounds like it is looking for boot files on the floppy drive.

Put any floppy disk into the machine and try booting the computer.
(May also want to try RID solution here)


When the computer boots, enter the BIOS and change the boot sequence so that it does not look at the floppy drive.
May want to also check to see if automatic hardware detection is set.

Have you tried unplugging the power cord to the floppy drive and see if the computer will start?
I think your motherboard is two pence into the red of doom or your Ribbons are the wrong way round?

Have you tried using another floppy drive.

If your floppy cables are the wrong way round, the light on the floppy typically stays on.

*check the drive power using a multimeter
*check/replace ribbon cable
*check bios settings

Bios settings:

First/primary boot device should be c: if you boot from your HDD or cd-rom if you boot from a cd.

To check that the drive is working, if there is an option to, select: "boot floppy seek" -yes
                  (or similar).

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super_trooperAuthor Commented:
thanks for helping me out
If you can boot into windows, are you getting any device conflicts?
Have you added any new hardware recently (controller cards, video cards, modems)?
Does the system freeze when you try to access a:\?

Is the floppy disk controller enabled in bios?
Have you tried resetting bios to defaults?
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