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Client-Server Socket Program.

I am writing a simple client-server application,using C sockets, sending 4 messages across from the client to the server and printing them at the server. After receiving and printing the final message, the server program goes into an infinite loop, repeatedly printing the final message. Meanwhile, the client program terminates by closing the socket, after sending the final message. How can I stop the server from going into that infinite loop and why at all is that happenning?

I had tried to use break and return statements but wouldn't work for me. I want the server to keep waiting for more messages from the client and respond when the client is run again.

Following is the portion of the code from the server where the server reads and prints the message.

while (1) {

  if (read(u, &Pack, sizeof(Pack)) < 0)
     printf("read error");
printf("\nData read from source %d \n",Pack.Source_Node);
printf("\nMessage: %s----%d\n", Pack.Message,Pack.seqnum);


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i'm not sure if this will help but if you use 'recv' instead of 'read' it will return 0 if the connection has been closed.
I think read() does the same thing, so you should simply check for <= 0 rather than simply <.

However I recommend using recv(), since not all platforms treat sockets as files (that obscure platform called win32 comes to mind :) )

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i guess u have posted this question somewhere else also?
see my site, i hosted a free socket program use it! if u need

raj27Author Commented:
Please delete this question. I got a better solution elsewhere.
Thanks for the replies.
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