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I have a laptop and a desktop computer both running Windows 2000 Professional.  I created a briefcase on my laptop to synchronize projects between it and my desktop computer.  It seems to have worked fine for awhile, but suddenly, I get errors telling me that a file is locked or that it is read-only and it can't perform the updates.  No other applications are open, no files are marked read-only, and I'll get these errors even if all I try to do is send a file over that should be being created on the target machine.  What could cause this sudden break in functionality?  Is it corrupted?  How best to go about fixing the problem?
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burnewebConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Wow, didn't even realize that Breifcase was still an option in Windows 2000!? Have you tried deleting the breifcase and creating a new one again? If that doesn't work, I still think it could be a corruption in the profile. I would still try my above test (logging in with a new user account) but using the briefcase method rather than offline files. I beleive Offline files and Briefcase are very similar in that they sync up files in two different places.
When you say Briefcase are you talking about Offline Files? It sounds like either a file corruption problem or a rights issue although unlikely since you say everything was working once but not anymore and you haven't changed file permissions. Try logging in under a 'Test' account. (Create a new one just for testing)then go to windows explorer/ Tools / Folder Options / Offline Files Tab and choose the 'Enable Offline files' and sync before logging off option and 'place offline folder on desktop' option. Then through network neigborhood or a mapped drive to your other computer, right click a file that you want to sync and choose 'Make Available Offline'.It should place the file in your 'Offline Files folder' on your desktop. If it works under 'Test' profile but not your regular profile then either a file is corrupt or the profile itself is corrupt. I will follow up with a response if you post more details...

AzraSoundAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing.  By briefcase, I mean creating a briefcase in Windows Explorer by right-clicking in any folder and selecting New -> Briefcase.  Then, you select a folder location on another computer to create a relationship for synchronizing data between the two computers.
AzraSoundAuthor Commented:
I ended up dumping the Briefcase altogether.  Thanks for your input though.
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