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Passing a variable in VB to a function in Vb Environment of Word


I am having a problem passing  variables from VB to a function in Word. I want the two variables I am passing to populate a table in Word.

This is the code in VB....

Private Sub OpenAbsDoc()
Dim iResponse As Integer
Dim wd As Word.Application

Set wd = New Word.Application


'document_open is the function in VB Editor of Word
 'I am trying to send the two variables to
wd.ActiveDocument.GoTo ([Document_Open (stuID(index)), (stunames(index))])

wd.Visible = True

'Release the word object
Set wd = Nothing

End Sub


The following code is in the Vb Editor of Word 2000...

Public Sub PlaceInDocument(intTable As Integer, intRow As Integer, _
intCol As Integer, stValue As Variant)

    Set myRange = ActiveDocument.Tables(intTable).Cell(intRow, intCol).Range
        myRange.Text = stValue

End Sub

Private Sub Document_Open(name As String, ID As String)

Dim stname, stID As String
stname = name
stID = ID

'populate the second cell of the first row &
'the second cell of the second row
PlaceInDocument 1, 1, 2, stname
PlaceInDocument 1, 2, 2, stID

End Sub


I realise that
is probably not correct but I was hoping someone could help me out on the correct approach here.

1 Solution
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