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NERO Burning program


I have a problem with Nero I hope You could give me some help with.

I want to burn a program with size 724 Mb. The disc I am going to use is 900 Mb, the problem is that NERO seems not to understand the discsize. I get a message saying -
change to a disc with more space and the program says that disc is 703 Mb.

Hoping for Your help and thanks in advance.

Have a nice day

1 Solution
sounds like you need to upgrade your nero.

here's info that sounds like it may be related to your problem.

find out what version you have (help>>about on the toolbar), and go to nero's site to see if there's an update for your program. it may cost you, so check also if it's free or not.

excerpt from nero.com -

Changes from to

   After a successful burn, the main Nero window was not maximised if it was previously set to be maximised.  
 The calculation of the time needed to erase a CD-RW has been improved.  
 Corrections made to creating Video and SuperVideo CDs:
- Pauses between differing tracks was being ignored when menus were used
- Some players couldn't properly forward/reverse between tracks
- Menus were being encoded in PAL, even if NTSC was chosen  
 Problems starting Nero with the anti-virus package DrWeb have been fixed.  

 The burning of image files has been optimised. The time needed to generate relocation information has been significantly reduced.  
 The archive attribute is cleared when burning Multi-session CDs. This can only be turned off in the expert menu.  
 Improvements to the import and creation of freedb databases  
 The statusbar now supports 900MB (100 minutes)  
 USB2 now fully supported  
 Small GUI improvements  

Release date: May 31st, 2001
its free if you are still entitled for an update
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sounds more like you have to enable overburning in nero...  Open nero, close the wizard (if it pops up)  Bear with me this is all from memory, from their choose Tools --> Options or Preferences   from their click on the advanced tab and enable overburn protection.  That should get rid of error, of course as far as I knwo to use overburn you must finalize the disk.
hello starlet!

are you sure that the CD you want to burn data to isn't broken? as far as i remember 752MB does not corss the threshold for data burning EVEN for an 800MB disc. if that disc is a CD-R, then somebody may have played with it or tried to burn something in the CD previously. Because if this is the case, then you can no longer burn anything to that CD, regardless of the version of NERO that you have.

If your disc is a CD-RW, then you may want to check if something else is stored. If that is the case then you may want to move your files then delete the copy that was already burned in the Cd. afterwards you should be able to burn the program normally.

I hope this helps!
since i hope you have the licensed nero burning software copy which come with your imation or any other qualified CD-RW burner, i suggest you might have a quite old software and need to be updated.just get the latest update from http://www.nero.com/en/index.html#download .
you even can get yourself some hot tips and solutions to your problems there.
I have never heard of a 900 meg cd. You can set nero to overburn which will give you a bit extra but at the end of the day you cant get a pint into a half pint. You may try zipping some of the files to save space.

All these programes estimate the size and have been known to be wrong due to cluster calculations being wrong
StarletAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. I needed to upgrade so now it seems to work fine.

that's what it sounded like. glad everything is working out for you now, starlet. =^>

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