java or embedding word doc for field overlays

I am presently embedding word documents into a microsoft access form. I then can overlay fields on this embedded document, saving the time of having to recreate it for print outs. Works very nicely.

However, the overhead when distributing this product to retail users is quite cumbersome and just about prohibits internet downloads.

I therefore am wanting to redo the program in either Java or  

MY QUESTION.... How do you embed a word document that can be viewed and overlayed. In VB I can insert a document, however, it will only show up as an ICON and must be clicked on to bring it up. Let alone overlaying it with usable fields.
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CEHJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK ;-) Post a message to CS (, giving them the url of this question and they will refund your points.
You can't. Java is not designed to work with proprietary, closed technologies.
chasferrAuthor Commented:

Since, I previously seemed to ask questions that would probably need Java and VB expertise, I will now define this question down to VB for points. I will ask another question in Java for other points to try to be fair.

After messing with VB Ole, I found that I can insert a Word document, however, I need space for letter size an/or possible legal size. Since, this is a large area, The user will need to be able to scroll the document from side to side or up and down. Is there a way to add scroll bars to the ole container or form.  
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Well that'll have to go in the appropriate Topic - you're in Java now!
chasferrAuthor Commented:
Thanks CEHJ, can't tell I'm new to this can you!
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