eTower Not Displaying Windows2000

The PC is a eTower 600CD 400MHz with 15" monitor
running Windows2000.

A child was pressing the monitor on/off button
repeatedly. This caused the PC to lock into the
following POST sequence:

- Start up with monitor on and PC on button pressed
- Copyright notice including Intel message displayed
- Logo displayed: "emachines"
- 1 beep
- Phoenix BIOS displayed briefly with message
  "Press any key"
- Brief flash of Windows
- Hard drive light flashes
- Click heard like a drawer opening
- Goes black screen and monitor's green light flashes
- Speaker sounds come through
- Has to be switched off at the mains to close.

I've tried to get into the BIOS setup when it flashes
up (tried F8 and F10  with no success).

It's bootable with a DOS disk so can get to C: drive.

Question: How do I get Windows to display please?
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do you have win2k boot disks?should be 4 of them...
if not go to and dowload and try them to see if you can get win to boot

try other keys to get into the bios my old celeron with pheonix bios required f1 i belive so try other keys to enter bios and make sure everything is sound

most likely some prob occured in windows and needs a repair instalation

then again i could be wrong....
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
I have a feeling that the rapid power cycling on the monitor borked it so it won't switch resolutions to boot into Windows.  I think you're looking at a new monitor...

Does the "click" sound come from within the monitor, or from the PCs speakers??

Try DEL to get into BIOS (though I don't think it will help).

jseager956Author Commented:
Replies to helpful advice:
1. Boot Disks - It's not my PC, but I'll try to get them.

2. Dog, DEL works on the splash screen to get into BIOS. I
restored the default settings but it didn't fix it. I
tried switching PCI to AGP also to no avail.

3. I reckon Windows is there but not being displayed. I
can hear a lion roaring at the end of the sequence, which may be the user's Windows start up sound.

4. The monitor works with another machine. Also, somehow
I got into Safe Mode once.

5. The click seems to be the PC speakers kicking in.

6. The big question - Is it Windows gone west a la Waffle? I don't want to reinstall unless I gotta, see above. I don't have the disks at present. Any more ideas?

Thanks guys, John S.
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could be your monitor cant display current settings if its quite old, try another monitor on that system if you have one available and decrease your resolution and colour depth then try the old monitor again. to do that you right click on desktop, go to properties, then settings tab on top right of menu.  If you dont have another monitor handy then go in in safe mode,to get into safe mode you press F8 continuously after first Post screen and choose safe mode from options that appear, and remove your graphics drivers, right click on my computer, go to properties then hardware and then device manager, find your display adapter and remove it, see if your computer will start up now and if it does then replace your graphics drivers from your driver cd (or get them from the net if you dont have cd) hope this helps
jseager956Author Commented:
Mrcicp, I backed up the device drivers for the Display Adapter (I81XDW9X.DRV and I81X.VXD if you are interested for Intel 82810 Graphics Controller), deleted them and they restored as you said but it didn't cure it.

I got replacement drivers off the Net but have had various blue screen errors from Windows, such as 0D : 032F : 0000B876, and now it seems to go naturally into Safe mode.

I think I'll try re-installing Windows Me when my friend gives me the disks, possibly this weekend.

Thanks to all for suggestions.
no problem, sry i wasnt any help to ya, if I was you I would ditch Me if you can, very flaky O/S, i'd even go for 98SE over Me
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
Can you boot to Safe Mode or Safe Mode (VGA)?  May be that the video driver is corrupted as indicated, but Safe Mode should still work as it loads the VGA driver.  I do not think that installing WinME is going to help; it would likely only make things worse.  You said you were using Win2000, but those files you indicated are for WIn98/ is the system running 2000 or ME???

The 2000 driver is here:


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jseager956Author Commented:
Thank you dog*, the link you gave got me the Intel chipset 82801 driver I needed for the video.

Sorry about the confusion, originally nothing was coming up on the screen so I was going by what the user told me was on there (and she couldn't find the disks, users!). It was Windows ME, but I've replaced it now with 98SE.

However, it threw up a host of secondary problems e.g. on-board sound driver missing for "Crystal WDM Audio Codec". There's a lot of people who have been out there looking for this on a whole host of machines (mainly HP). Problem is there are many configurations so if you don't get the right one you're stuffed.

Advice to anyone who gets this problem, search using Google on the string "Crystal WDM Audio Codec" and you'll hit the Crystal site or another such as Drivers Forum or another which eventually will have what you want.

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