Unattended Installation of Windows 2000 Server

While performing an unattended Installation of Windows 2000 Server on a PC with Windows 95 the following error message appeared: "Setup was unable to access the specified Uniqueness Database File (.\unattend.udf)."  I understand I have to open the unattend.txt file on the server and specify the full path to the .udf file.  I do not know where exactly in the file I should write the full path.  Does anyone know the answer?  Thank you very much!

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Your unattend.txt file should be on a non-nootable diskette and renamed winnt.sif along with a winnt.bat file.  Boot from the server CD and it will read the floppy implementing your unattend.txt file.


@rem SetupMgrTag
@echo off

rem This is a SAMPLE batch script generated by the Setup Manager Wizard.
rem If this script is moved from the location where it was generated, it may have to be modified.

set AnswerFile=.\winnt.sif
set SetupFiles=D:\i386

D:\i386\winnt32 /s:%SetupFiles% /unattend:%AnswerFile%


;Answer File to Install Windows 2000 Server for Server

;WINNT.SIF Answer File for Windows 2000 Server
;Clean Install, Customized Member Server
;Code included to upgrade to Domain Controller

;The following section enables the automated installation by booting from
;the CD. If you want to convert this file to a standard UNATTEND.TXT file
;rather than the WINNT.SIF file, simply omit the entire [Data] section.

      AutoPartition = "1"
      MsDosInitiated = "0"
      UnattendedInstall = Yes

      UnattendMode = FullUnattended
      NoWaitAfterTextMode = 1
      NoWaitAfterGUIMode = 1
      OemSkipEula = yes
      FileSystem = ConvertNTFS
      Repartition = Yes

      AdminPassword ="password"
      AutoLogon = Yes
;                              to execute GuiRunOnce commands
      TimeZone=35             ;US Eastern Time Zone
      OemSkipWelcome = 1      ;Bypass Welcome screen
      OemSkipRegional = 1     ;Skip regional options page

      FullName = "Your"
      OrgName = "Company"
      Computername = "SERVER"       ;Shouldn't use auto name for domain controllers.
      ;Productid = xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx


      AreaCode=585    ;Area code
      LongDistanceAccess=9     ;Must dial "9" for long distance.

      AutoMode = "PerServer"
      AutoUsers = "5"


;       This section contains keys for installing the components of
;       Windows 2000. A value of On installs the components, and a
;       value of Off prevents the component from being installed.
      iis_common = On
      iis_inetmgr = On
      iis_www = On
      iis_ftp = On
      iis_htmla = On
      iis_doc = On
      iis_pwmgr = On
      iis_smtp = On
      iis_smtp_docs = On
      Mts_core = Off
;       The Fp key installs Front Page Server Extensions.
      Fp = Off
      Msmq = Off
;       If you set the TSEnable key to On, Terminal Services is installed on
;       Windows 2000 Server.
      TSEnable = Off
;       If you set the TSClients key to On, the files required to create
;       Terminal Services client disks are installed. If you set this key
;       to On, you must also set the TSEnable key to On.
      TSClients = Off
;       TSPrinterDrivers and TSKeyboardDrivers are optional keys. If enabled,
;       they require additional disk space.
      TSPrinterDrivers = Off
      TSKeyboardDrivers = Off
      Netoc = On
      Reminst = On
      Certsrv = Off
      Rstorage = Off
      Indexsrv_system = On
      Certsrv_client = Off
      Certsrv_server = Off
      Certsrv_doc = Off
      Accessopt = On
      Calc = On
      Cdplayer = Off
      Charmap = On
      Chat = Off
      Clipbook = On
      Deskpaper = On
      Dialer = Off
      Freecell = Off
      Hypertrm = Off
      Media_blindnoisy = Off
      Media_blindquiet = Off
      Media_clips = Off
      Media_jungle = Off
      Media_musica = Off
      Media_robotz = Off
      Media_utopia = Off
      Minesweeper = Off
      Mousepoint = Off
      Mplay = Off
      Mswordpad = On
      Objectpkg = On
      Paint = Off
      Pinball = Off
      Rec = On
      Solitaire = Off
      Templates = On
      Vol = On


      Adapter01 = params.LANConnection

      INFID = *            ;Only works in systems with a single NIC.
                           ;Otherwise, you must specify the PnP ID here.
      ConnectionName = "LAN Connection"



      MS_TCPIP = params.TCPIP

      AdapterSections = params.TCPIP.LANConnection

;      These settings are specific to the first adapter.
      DHCP = No                     ;Since this is a server, configure manual IP info.
      SpecificTo = Adapter01
      IPAddress =       ;Set this to the static IP address for the server.
      DefaultGateway =  ;Set this to the default gateway for your subnet.
      SubnetMask =    ;Subnet mask for this subnet (if needed).
      DNSDomain =  company.com   ;This is a global setting.
;      The following line should list your DNS servers, separated by commas.
;      Since this box is a DNS server, include its IP in the list.
      DNSServerSearchOrder =,,

      MS_Server = params.MSServer
;      config MS File and Print Service
      Optimization = Balance      

;      this is overridden when DCPROMO runs
      JoinWorkgroup = Workgroup
      SimpTCP = 1          ;Installs the Simple TCP/IP Services
;      DHCPServer = 1       ;Installs DHCP. Configure after first boot.
                           ;Don't forget to authorize DHCP in AD.
;      DNS = 1              ;Installs DNS. Configure after first boot.

;      The following section configures Terminal Services for remote administration.
;      ApplicationServer = 0  ;Install TS in Remote Administration mode.

;      The following section includes parameters needed to upgrade
;      the member server to a domain controller after unattended install
;      successfully completes.  To install a base member server, remove
;      this section.

;      This section is used during DCPROMO.
;      In this example, the script will create a new forest of domains.
;      I have found that DCPROMO fails if this section has comments
;      on the same lines as keys.  Comments precede applicable keys.

;      Create a new forest of domains.
;      CreateOrJoin = "Create"

;      Unique downlevel domain name
;      DomainNetBiosName = "server.company.com"

;      Full DNS name of new domain.
;      NewDomainDnsName = "company.com"
;      RebootOnSuccess = "Yes"

;      This is the first DC in the new domain.
;      ReplicaOrNewDomain = "Domain"

;      New domain is the root of a new Tree.
;      TreeOrChild = "Tree"

;      End of File


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