Netscape 4.7 on Solaris 5.8 won't connect!!!!

I am new graduate tring to be an Sys Admin. Anyways, my boss gave a simple taks. Reformat computer X and get in on the net. Seems simple enough. Did the reformat and install and everything is ok. I put in on the network and I can ping out to web but the problem I am having is I can't use Netscape 4.7 to get on the Internet. I keep getting there error message, "Unable to find" I have tried messinig with tthe preference for Netscape but nothing is getting it to connect. Mind you , I have't don't anything to this machine other then do a basic install and add the gateway... If anyone knows what I can do to get this to connect to the internet, I would greatly aprriciate your help. Thanks.

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elf_binConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Check your DNS configuration (via nslookup, confirming the config in /etc/resolv.conf & checking you use DNS to lookup hosts in /etc/nsswitch.conf).

2. Check your path to the Internet gateway.  If you're in a stub network (i.e.: you need a default router), check that this is configured correctly.  Check you local routing  tables are correct (if need be) and check your broadcast address is correct for your network (some dynamic routing facilities rely on this).  Yoiu can use the tracert command line tool to verify the network path to your gateway is correct and working.

3. You may have a proxy on your network, if that's the case, you need to tell your web browser.  In edit/preferences/advanced/proxies you can enter this information.  You need to ask your administrator/boss if a proxy exists (there are way to detect them, but I feel this is beyond the scope of what we're discussing).

4. Check that your gateway to the internet is up!

Best of luck.
You need to put your DNS server infor in:


The format of the file looks like (text file):
nameserver your-dnsserver-ip
domain your-domain-name
search your-domains

PS: you can also put your ISP DNS server in the about file

And put your router ip in /etc/defaultrouter

echo "" > /etc/defaultrouter


I would start with some basic trouble-shooting below the application layer.

At the command line try /usr/sbin/nslookup  This will show whether DNS is resolving, and your network is set up properly.  You ought to get a responce back giving the IP or IPs resolve from the

If this does not work, does your environment include a proxy server (if you are within a corporation 90% run one), than you will not resolve the address above.  You will need to make the entry into the Netscape proxy settings.

Good Luck
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Have you been able to try any of the above? Have you found the solution yet?
I was wondering whether the above suggestions worked or not ?? Please post closure for this question ....
tarek316Author Commented:
Sorry I have been sick...I am going to try these things. T
tarek316Author Commented:
what is needed:
/etc/resolv.conf - nameserver IP#
                   nameserver IP#

/etc/nsswitch.conf - ....
                     hosts: files dns

Thanks for everyones help!
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