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how to strip characters ?

Posted on 2003-02-25
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-22
How do i fix the function below so it gets called only if there are vbCr or vbCrLf ?

Currently it gets called all the time...

Any suggestions...

Public Function removeChars(s As String) As String
  Dim str   As String
  Dim i     As Integer
  For i = 1 To Len(s)
    Select Case Mid(s, i, 1)
      Case vbCr, vbLf
        str = str & vbCrLf
      Case Else
        str = str & Mid(s, i, 1)
    End Select
  removeChars = str
End Function

Private Sub STR_NOTES_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
Me.STR_NOTES = removeChars(Me.STR_NOTES)
'cleanit (Me.STR_NOTES)
End Sub
Question by:sdesar

Expert Comment

ID: 8022027

You might want to try to search for this character first vbCR or vbCRLF.  Try using InStr function.  It will return the position of the string found.  If 0, then not found, else you've got it.  When you've found the vbCR or vbCRLF character, then call the RemoveChars function.

Have a go at it.



Accepted Solution

gregdaly earned 80 total points
ID: 8022044
If I read your note correctly you want to modify Private Sub STR_NOTES_BeforeUpdate so that it calls removeChars only if STR_NOTES contains either vbCr or vbCrLf or both.

The specific ANSI character code for Cr is Chr(13) and Lf is Chr(10).  You want to test the STR_NOTES for the presence of these characters using the INSTR function.  INSTR returns 0 if the search string is not found.

Here's how I would write it:

Private Sub STR_NOTES_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
Dim vstr As String
vstr = me.STR_NOTES
If InStr(1, vstr, Chr(13)) > 0 Or InStr(1, vstr, Chr(10)) > 0 Then
    vstr = removeChars(vstr)
    me.STR_NOTES = vstr
End If
End Sub

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