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I want to set up a source code control system.  We have a couple servers, but the one most available runs Win2k.  Unfortunately, it appears the CVS Server is not really available for Windows (there are experimental versions according to the CVS website, but that's not something we want to get into).

There's only 2 of us, sometimes 3.  Client machines run Win2k and Linux.  

What are our choices?
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locomojoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We as well had the same problem. First you should define your constrains:
1) what are the development tools you are using
MSDEV, Anjuta, etc.
2) What source you want to share between the Linux and Windows platforms.
3) Are you going to Compile the sources on bouth Linux, and Win2k.

WinCVS is not BAD at all. We finaly chose to use it.
But if you wat you can still use Visual Source Safe combined with SAMBA on the Linux, there is a port to VSS on Linux made By Visual Main Win you can use.

There are other tools which are cross platform in nature:
1) Perforce.
2) Rational Clear Case.
and more..
Thouse Give you more that Source Managment, they give you Bug/Issue Managment as well.

On the other hand CVS has the best solutions and integration to all the development tools on Linux and MSDEV (Jandini Igloo).

You are only 2-3 developers so don't hesitate to give it a chance.

Some things that might work for you:

- run CVS on the client running linux and leave it running (thus creating a new "server" for CVS).
- ask someone for an old computer (x486) and set up a new CVS-server on that

omomAuthor Commented:
>>WinCVS is not BAD at all. We finaly chose to use it.
so, you are saying you are using the "experiental" server version?  how difficult was this to set up?
>>Jandini Igloo
What or who is this?  Google turns up nothing on it.

>>ask someone for an old computer (x486) and set up a new CVS-server on that
This idea had kinda occurred to me in the back of my mind, but i wrote it off thinking that an old machine would be too slow.  maybe i'll look into it more since someone else thinks it is feasible.
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Yes we use this experimental server version :-)
It was very easy to install and configure on a NT server.

for the MSDEV addon we use the "Jalindi Igloo" add on to make integration with the wincvs just like vss :-)

Go for it .. it is free and stable:

We manage source code of 20 K of lines and  ~1 K of files.
omomAuthor Commented:
Not sure which way i'll go yet, but this was good info. I'll select this as the answer just because it has the most keystrokes
Please ohh.. please someone clue me in on where to find a version of CVS that runs on Windows?????  WinCVS seems to be a client... Am I crazy?

I'm looking for a CVS server
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