Where can I get a dual vga pci video card?

I have an older Dell Dimenson v333c. I currently have an NEC 17 inch lcd monitor hooked up and I want to hook up a second Samsung 15 inch lcd monitor. My computer doesn't seem to have an agp slot so I went looking for a dual vga pci card, but only found single vga + tv output? Is there a pci card that has 2 vga outputs? Also, is there a way I am overlooking to hook up my monitors? Maybe leave mine in the original built in monitor hookup and get a single vga pci card and hook them up to run dual monitors?
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magarityConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sure, how much video performance do you need?  The Matrox G200 (very cheap these days) and G450 (reasonably cheap) both come in dual-monitor PCI versions and are still sold.  Both have pretty good 2D performance for common Windows activity but are lousy at 3D games.  Do you need game performance?
What else do you need to know?  Why is this a B?
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