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help treating several input boxes as an array

I want to ask the user to input a maximum of 5 contract dates in jsp. Btw, im using struts.

As of now, my code is something like this:


<tr><html:text  property="date1"/></tr>
<tr><html:text  property="date2"/></tr>
<tr><html:text  property="date3"/></tr>
<tr><html:text  property="date4"/></tr>
<tr><html:text  property="date5"/></tr>

<action form>
public class contractForm extends ActionForm {
private String date1;
private String date2;
private String date3;
private String date4;
private String date5;

/* getter and setter for date1 to date5 */

<action servlet>
/* here I have a collection that checks if a date exists then adds it */

Its very tedious, is there a way to do something like

date[0]... date[4] in the <html:text>

then treat it as an array of String in action form?

how do I write the getter and setter in the action form? and how do I retrieve the data in the action servlet?

Can someone provide me with the code for this? Im confused. I'm thinking of using logic:iterate but im not even sure if this is the correct way to implement it.


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1 Solution
try using the same property name for all fields.
And have a getter/setter that takes an array of strings.
delphiusrAuthor Commented:
Thanks! it worked nicely!

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