Corrupted Hal.dll (winXp) and im

hey, i have a windows xp professional at home. it had an error while booting and when i rebooted, it displayed the message "missing or corrupted hal.dll, please reinstall". i tried to look for other solutions rather than reinstalling my os because i never back-up my files. an alternative solution is replacing the corrupted hal.dll by expanding the "hal.dl_" from the installation cd to "c:\windows\system32\hal.dll" using the recovery console of the windows xp. i tried that but it keeps on saying "access denied". which means i have to log-on as the administrator first before i can alter it cause it thinks im hacking it. i cant log-on as the administrator cause i cant load windows! i tried the commands "logon" and "bootcfg \rebuild" from the recovery console but the logon command wont work cause it cant find the part where windows was installed, while the other just ends up to and error. i cant access my drive (not even copy files to another drive in dos mode) until i get log-on as administrator but i cant do that cause it cant load the winXP. im very frustrated with this thing... i need help fast!!!
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can you logon to windows in safe mode? hit the f8 key at startup to try and get in that way.
You can reinstall XP without destroying the data on the hard drive, you know--just don't let it format the drive during the setup process. (There's an option to "keep existing contents"). Once you've reinstalled it, start keeping backups!
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riverheartAuthor Commented:
hey, i guess ill look stupid to ask this but...
how do you reinstall windows xp without destroying the data on the hard drive?
could you tell me the step by step (or atleast which part of the installation process do i alter?).
will there be choices that i can choose from to specify the installation not to harm my files?
when i boot using the xp cd, it will ask me if i want to install, fix or quit right? if i choose to install... wont it automatically delete my files? will it harm my files???
i'm stupid arent i??? c'mon say it!!!
(sheeze, that wasnt me talking... its my desperation)
No No riverheart, you're not stupid at ALL
That's why everyone is on the group
to help in whatever capcity we can..
Feel free to post, my friend we're glad to help

To reinstall the HAL :

Boot from CD >> Choose repair / recover press "R"

Choose you OS from the console
(You'll need the Administrator's password)

You'll come to a prompt >> Type help
for the recovery console commands..

You'll need the XP CD to expand the file :

x:\i386\hal.dl_ c:\windows\system32\hal.dll.

Where X = your CDROM Drive

type exit and restart your PC..

With Reinstalling pre SP1 you may lose your data

The Best bet is if you feel uncomfortable
with the above and you have a second HD
I would slave the second one and dump the data across
that way you can feel comfortable in justreformatting the
first drive..

Whicher road you take at least you have some more options today

Take Care

or, riverheart, you can do the install over the current install, which i think was one of your questions. here's how:

How to Repair Windows XP by installing over an existing installation:

At some stage you may simply have to reinstall a Windows!

A clean reinstall, especially for the home user, is normally recommended by THPC (but first save all those setting, etc!). However, when dual-booted, an alternative is tempting at first attempt.

All versions of Windows can be reinstalled over the existing setup. You can expect to retain all your installed applications, data, and settings. Always backup important data first - just in case!

Windows XP is used as example. Windows 2000 & NT will be similar.
• Bootup with the Windows XP CD, and continue the install.
• Press R to 'Repair the selected Windows XP installation'.
• Windows XP copies files to your Hard Drive and reboots.
• Do not press any key when you see the message 'Press any key to boot the CD'.
• In a few seconds Windows Startup Screen will be displayed, and then the Setup Screens.
• Reinstall - similar to the first occasion.
• Backup those bootfiles

Take good care of your Bootfiles and BACK THEM UP WHEN TIMES ARE GOOD!

The bootfiles for an installed Windows are in the root of the active boot partition. This is nearly always C:, the first partition of the primary drive. This is also where a Win9x/Me boot partition rests most comfortably and it must be FAT/FAT32. The Win9x/Me files can be installed on any other FAT/FAT32 partition, but that boot partition must not be converted to NTFS. Many bootfiles have Hidden, Read-only, and System file attributes. Read Notes, below.

Under a Win9x/Me & Win XP/2000/NT dual-boot, the Win XP/... is always in control of the boot (nearly always the C: drive). The XP/... can be a FAT or NTFS, but the boot drive must remain a FAT file system when a Win9x/Me is in the dual-booted (unless using a third-party utility).

It is safer, and advised, to backup the current bootfiles of an existing Windows before installing the next Windows. And then backup all bootfiles again after a successfully new installation.

Win XP/2000/NT Bootfiles:
• Boot.ini, Ntldr,, Bootsect.dos, and maybe Ntbootdd.sys, Pagefile.sys & Hiberfil.sys
   Bootsect.dos is created by a XP/... installation when it recognizes a pre-existing Win9x/Me.
WIN9x/Me Bootfiles:
• Io.sys, Msdos.sys,, (also Drvspace.bin), and maybe Autoexec.bat & Config.sys.

Ntldr and are not PC-specific and can be copied from the CD or another PC.
Boot.ini is computer-specific, but can easily be edited if copied from another computer.
Ntbootdd.sys is specific to a SCSI controller but can be copied from a PC that has the same.
Bootsect.dos is computer-specific, and cannot be copied. Back it up when it is valid! A Repair may recreate a valid Bootsect.dos. Use to create one only if other methods fail.
hey, this happened to me once.
here's what i did... (well the only logical thing i ended up doing, and i dont know if its the best thing to do but atleast it worked!)

what happened was your windows and your files are safe and protected from hackers (that includes you!) cause you cant enter your administrator password cause the "logon" command in recovery console doesnt work. you cant load your os but it doesnt mean that you lost your windows. heres one solution:

1. using the recovery console, reinstall the windows
2. it will detect that you already have a windows directory containing your os (you havn't un-install your xp right?).
3. it will say stuff like: "its not recommended to install two os on the same directory blah blah blah... and it will give you choises. i forgot the exact steps to get there but youll probably end up on the right track where the installer aks you to enter a new folder name wherein the os will be installed (other than the existing "\windows") because it doest want you to install another os on your win directory.
(still following???)
4. after installation (to a different folder that is), it will load this new os (preferably xp) from this new directory and then you can do the ff:
  a. boot to recovery console again and fix that hal.dll error on your previous win installaytion.
  b. now that you have access to your files, you can copy them now to a new hard drive and clean up your mess by formatting your drive and clean install it. then put back all your precious files...

ok! hope you got trough my instructions alive...

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riverheartAuthor Commented:
thanks... your a great hero.... can i marry you!!!! oops anyway, thaks a lot!!!!
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