I need to download files from a website.

I am able to go to this website with over 100 downloads that i need to get monthly.
I can then traverse all the links but evertime I go to(click on) one of the links it pops up a dialog box asking whether i want to open from location or save to disk and if so where on disk.
(everyone should know the dialog i'm talking about)

Well I just want it to download the files by itself.
any help is greatly appreciated.

unrelated to the above:
pierrecampe thanks for all your questions and answers
you've helped me alot.
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I'm sorry, but I don't think this is a VB related question. I think this have to do with browser issue ? If it does, please post your question at :


You can also have this question deleted at the following link if you think this is misplaced :


If this IS VB related, I'm really sorry. I don't understand it.

Good Luck
Ryan ChongCommented:
See this maybe:

Downloading Files using URLDownloadToFile

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IcuAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I have a vb program with a browser in it.
It goes to a website that has links to downloadable reports.

I want my program to download every link on that page
and then i have to do some other stuff with it after it's downloaded.

But when my vb program, with an internet explorer browser in it, goes to the website. How do i d/l the file that the links points at.(sorry for not being clear)

I'll check out the link above now and see if it helps.
IcuAuthor Commented:
Thank you ryancys This was exactly what I needed.
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