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Can anyone help me.... I am opening up a PC gaming center and will be having Counterstrike as one of the games playing, i am trying to setup a shop with 25 PC's , i need to setup a network with a dedicated server with 25 clients...can somebody please tell me the best way to set this up , i will be having a T1 connection ...  i need a step by step guide in setting this thing up..... if anyone can help, please email me .... after i get this up, i can even pay you if you want... important thing is that i get this up properly. i will need info on the structure of the network and what equipment to buy and use, and setting up the server to host the games on the server for lan and wan gaming.... i understand computers so i will be able to easily understand .... i just never setup a network of this kind before and never hosted games before...  if anyone can help, it will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.    

My email is : sakuraba_ics_39@yahoo.com
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falerusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
email or im me @ (Removed by Computer101), aznlilplayah
Basically you will need enough ethernet switches to have 25+ ports (you also need a main computer that controls the cafe). also you will need cat5 cables for each computer that connects to the switches. For cafe management, you should get software built for cafe(ex. cybercafe pro which is decent enough to do what you want it to do. For the servers, you should have computers that run dedicated servers(when creating a server just select dedicated server) since people like having a fast server to play on since dedicated servers are faster. Basically the software should have a setup booklet that will help you set up the management software. where are you located? do you need to know anything else?
gbonneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you need software config help or just a list of needed hardware?

Do you plan on a Linux server or a Win server? (if you need software help).

For the bandwidth issue (LAN issue) Usually a 10Mbit ethernet is OK as long as you do not HUB it but SWITCH it.

For the software: well there are tons of "how to's" on the net. Try them out. There is just a heapsize issue on the commandline for your ded' server since the later CS/HL versions. You need to specify a higher heapsize if you want to avoid the dreaded TryAlloc problem.

You mention a T1. do you also plan to go on the internet with your server besides the local stations? Then some bandwidth sharing parameters are to be specified too on the server so that everyone gets the same share of bandwidth. Use the +sv_maxrate and +sv_maxupdaterate params. The game becomes playable as soon as you give each player roughly 2-3 kbytes per second (not true bandwidth but the sv_maxrate bits) but better calculate for 5 kbytes or better. Limit the sv_maxupdaterate so that you do not have to limit the sv_rate too much (it's a trade off between these two). The latter is the number of updates per second in the game. For pure LAN 60 is cool (stay below 100 as 100 is the max fps available in CS). For limited web bandwidth not less than 20 is nice.

You have some stuff to think (and calculate) about already.

Be more specific for the other issues please.

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