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Syncmaster Monitor problem

My Samsung Syncmaster 753 DFX screen Shrinks and Wobbles unusually. When switched on, it work nicely for say 5 minutes. Then the display starts stretching from the middle and suddenly the monitor shuts on and off continously.

I tried switching off the monitor for sometime, and it does work nicely again for say 2-3 min, but then again the problem arises.

This problem happens on BIOS screen, normal DOS screen, Windows, Linux everywhere. So it is not the driver's problem. Something to do with the hardware.

If somebody has any information or might be able to help, please help me.
1 Solution
Have you tried swapping in a different monitor.  If the monitor is old, then it could be failing.  Have you degaussed the screen at all lately?   Do you have an device near it which is electrical and may be interfering with it?
Yes, it is hardware - the monitor itself.  Switching ouit for a new monitor will prove this to be the case.  I agree that a new monitor should solve this.
If not, you will need to try a new video card.
venuspatelAuthor Commented:
Yes i have trasnfered all the electrical equipments including radio, telephone away from the monitor. Infact i have changed my table location all-togather in the room. Also, i have degaussed the monitor several times. Even after the problem and before the problem might occur.

In fact, i have tried to plug this monitor into different PC in different home. And the problem exists. I have also tried putting another monitor into my system, and that monitor works perfectly.

The problems lies only with this monitor.
Okay so accept Stretch's comment and call this question a done deal.
If the old monitor has been damaged by the video card switching it to another PC will not fix it.  You are in a catch 22 situation - if the video card has gradually damaged the monitor a new monitor could go the same way after a period of time.

Depending upon what you have as a vidoe card you may wish to invest in both a new card and monitor otherwise you might be onto monitor 3 before you decide the problem is a video card.

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