Add properties to intrinsic Visual Basic Controls

I am wanting to add a property to the standard Visual Basic textbox.  I can add properties to forms by defining Property Get/Let/Set functions in the form's module.  But it would seem that the same approach can't be applied to textboxes and other intrinsic VB controls because these don't have associated code modules.

To assist in explaining this problem, let me use an example.  I want to add a property called "Abc" to a textbox.  How do I do it?  I need to be able to set/get hte property value using syntax such as:

Text1.Abc = "Hello World"

Any ideas?

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Hello, austaz.

I think the only way to do this is by creating a new OCX control, based on the textbox control.
But before doing this you should consider if it is possible to use another approach. For example using some function and the .tag property of the textbox, etc.

This is another way: you create a class, and declare inside it somethin like this:

Private WithEvents m_TxtBox as TextBox

Public Sub Init( myTxtBox as TextBox )
    set m_TxtBox = myTxtBox
End Sub

Then, in your form code, you shall use it setting the reference to a textbox that you want.
In this way, you'll be able to add properties and functions to the class, that will be a "wrapper" for your original textbox. Furthermore, inside the class you can receive events from the textbox and use them, like in a normal form.

You can have a look here
(it's a piece of code of mine)

to understand what I mean.
Hope this helps,


This Can Be Done Using AcitvexControls. So You Just use Normal Text Box as Your New Control. Click addProcedure (Avail in Tools Menu) Method , Set Name as abc and Select Type as Property.

It Will Generate the Get/let  Functions for abc Property.Place the Code You Wanted Under Them.

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austazAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses....

The concern I have about idea of using an ActiveX control is that I would have to create properties within the user control to map to all the existing properties of the textbox.  Plus there would need to be code added so that when the activeX control was resized the textbox inside was resized.

marconovaro's suggestion is OK except sometimes I would need to refer to properties using the code like m_TxtBox.text and other times code like mytextboxclass.Abc.  I really need to be able to reference both normal and added properties using the same object.

The use of the tag property is OK but I need to add a lot of properties.  So, short of have a delimited tag value, that's not really feasible.

Well, sad to say it, but there is no easier approach.


To reply your question, if you want to access the normal properties of the textbox, you can do like this.
In the class module, define

Property Get TextBoxRef() As TextBox
    Set TextBoxRef = m_TxtBox
End Property

Now, you can access the textbox, reffering to the class:

myClass.TextBoxRef.Text = "This is a test. :)"

Otherwise, if you want a "single" object that has the properties of the textbox, plus your own ones, you'll have to follow Julian_K suggestion: create a new OCX!

Hope this helps.

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