compaq presario 4506 and 64mb ram

i have one compaq presario 4506 system in there only 32 mb ram and 3 gb hdd so i buy 20gb hdd and 64 mb 133mhz sd ram to upgrade it. when i remove the old one and connect the new it shows 16 mb ram which is in mb (on board) and 8.4gb hdd size so i go to bios setup and select user and set head cylenders and sectors and change the size to 18 something and install win98 but  i am unable to use the ram it didnt show 64 mb i checked the ram in other system it is working. when i connect the old 32mb ram it show 32mb at compaq system. i go to compaq website and download the bios upgrade file and create floppy and install but it didnt detect the 20gb hdd (it still show 8.4gb if i select auto) and the new ram. how can i upgrade the memory. is there any junper settinge. on the motherboard. if i select the user option in bios for 19 or 20gb something the system didnt boot. after i change to 18gb something it is working . under head it shows max 16 head and 63 sector so i can max. the cylenders only MY HDD IS 20GB SAMSUNG. i am unable to get the correct head , sectors and cylender information for this hdd where can i get the correct information. in some other new system for 20gb it shows 255 sectors but i cant change it is max to 63 only.
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The BIOS on the compaq does not support your 20GB Harddrive, you will have to buy a Promise IDE controller ($50) to solve the issue with 8.4GB only showing up.

The memory is probably not supported either. You need a single sided 32MB module. The 64MB Module is double sided, 32MB on each side, and the memorybank only support singlesided memory.
The BIOS has limitations for HD size, which will prevent detection of a new, large drive. Set auto and use 8GB, or try updating the BIOS. Setting parameters manually may not be the best way here. Check if the computer needs to have BIOS partition on the hard drive (manual or Compaq site).

This computer may have special demands as to RAM type. You may have to buy Compaq modules or find older 32M units and put in the system.

Here is the answer for the memory

For the harddisk issue, what model of harddisk that you had brought ? The solution is 1st u need to upgrade the BIOS. Even after upgrade also shows 8.4GB doesn't matter. Let it be. The important part is u need to download the disk manager for that particular model of harddisk.

For example if u brought a Westren Digital harddisk u may need to go to for seagate harddisk and for western digital.

I did install a lot for my customer, it works all even is 486 PC.
presario 4506 is only support max 48MB of RAM.
and very picky about which RAM to use. So suggest your need to verify the ram before buying it. or both sell those. I believe SamSung has some disk manager program  you can download that can help your BIOS recognizes 20GB. You need to know the model of SN of the HDD to download it.
good luck

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