Packard Bell Multimedia R515 (PII 200)

I know it's an old system (lol) but for some dumb reason this woman at my job wants me to restore her Packard Bell Multimedia R515 (PII 200). She doesn't have any software for the computer so I've been out trying to find the drivers. I need video, modem & Sound Card drivers for this system. If anyone can help me out it'd be most appreciated!
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Seeing as this PC has not had any support for such a long time now (Packard Bell is now a division of NEC and has been out of business in the USA for quite a while), it looks like you will have to open the puppy up and try to figure out what video/sound/modem it has from the chipsets (either onboard or in the pci slots) and go from there.

You could also see if there is a Packard Bell newsgroup and see if a fellow owner can enlighten you.

Alternatively, fit a LOT more RAM and install WinXP which will probably have all the drivers built in for a machine of that age ;)

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XP on a P2-200, RIGHT!!!!!!!
If the drivers wern't backed-up, and you need new drivers, it helps to find the FCC-ID code on the hardware to help identify it
Otherwise it's a bit hit and miss.

If you still have the machine running with current drivers, make a note of all the hardware and names of the drivers (driver file details including root directories).
You could back up all the driver files and copy them to a fresh system (a bit laborious).  But it will help you to identify new drivers on the net prior to instillation.

There are Packard Bell fan sites that are informative and helpful.  They give you an idea of exactly what's in the machine and where to find drivers if you get stuck.

Packard Bell are still in operation in many other countries including the UK.
    You will definitely open this baby up. As I recall from having worked on Packard Bells, some came with all-in-one modem/sound card that were Aztech Sound Galaxy Nova 16 and a PB modem. The video card were normally Avance Logic PCI or ATI Mach 32. There may be more,,but these are the ones I recall.
Sound /Modems cards Modems
 Sound 16A/16AP Menu
 Forte 16 SBP Menu
 Forte 16 SBPA II Main Menu
 Forte 16 SB3 Main Menu
 Sound Galaxy BX II (BX2) Main Menu
 Sound Galaxy Pro 16 (Mozart) Main Menu
 Sound Galaxy NXPro Main Menu
 Sound Blaster Pro/Pro II (Pro2) Menu
 Sound 16B SRS Main Menu
 Sound 144AM/SP (Rocky 1) Menu
 Sound I 288AMSP Menu
 Sound II-144AM/SP (Rocky II) Menu
 Sound II 288 AMSP (Rocky II) Main Menu
 Rocky 2.5 28kB, Europe Main Menu
 Sound III AM/SP(Rocky III) Menu
 Sound 4 Soundcard/Modem Menu
 Sound 4 Issues
 Sound 4 Upgrade Kit Menu
 Creative Labs Sound 128 Live Menu
 Sound Blaster AWE 64D Menu
 Sound Blaster Pro 16 Menu
 Pro Audio Spectrum 16 Menu
 Miro Cassius Sound Card-28.8 Fax/Voice/Modem Menu
 ESS 1869 Audio Menu
 Yamaha DS XG Audio Menu
 Crystal Audio Menu
As you can see the list is quite extensive...

shadowdancer36Author Commented:
Thanks Slink9. You at least pointed me in the right direction. I forgot all about (lol) Thank you all!
You are looking for drivers.  I gave you the location of drivers.  Why a B?
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