5m will not collate

They have been able to collate for some time, and all of a sudden *typical user phrase* it doesnt work.

I checked it out to make sure that collate was checked and it was.

I then tried a different document.  Still nothing.  I then got out of word2K and opened notepad and tried that.  Still nothing.  

(making sure I had collate checked each time of course)

Reinstalled the printer, but no luck.

It currently has a PCL driver.  Would a PS driver make a difference you suppose?

Any help would be great.  I searched the living crap out of google.groups and came up with nothing.
I've had a good success rate here though.  I hope someone can help me out.

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If by collate you are talking about the carosal the you need to check the flaps on the toner cartsridges
trm_enatorAuthor Commented:
Okay, *dont mean to sound rude here*  how does a toner cartridge determine the order of pages.  I just re-read my message and I wasnt very clear.  Im sorry.

What I meant was instead of  Page 1, Page1, Page1.  Page 2, Page 2, Page 2.   Page 3  etc....

Just Page 1,2,3.  Then Page 1,2,3

Im still learning about HP printers here so I can try that if you think thats what it may be...
123, 123, 123 is collating! Quite clear. 111, 222, 333 is not!

Have you checked all the set up info in start/printers/rightclick/properties . The section covering spooling etc may well achieve what you need.

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trm_enatorAuthor Commented:
I've double checked the spool settings and have tried different things like 'start printing after last page is spooled' etc.

Im still just pluggin at it and hoping that it decides to work eventually...
Can you let us know the printer make and model and your OS,  as I think the only option you have is to re-install the printer all over again but using the latest driver. With this info' I'm sure we can locate the latest driver v. quickly for you.

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trm_enatorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for posting.

LJ 5m w/ win 2k professional.

The other thing I found out...  
It will collate when you hit the printer icon, but it will not when I select print from File.  

All of the other computers (which are all the same)  can collate to it just fine w/ File>Print?

I've tried a PS driver and PCL driver.  Still nothing.
Thanks gang.
trm_enatorAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry its been awhile, but I totally forget how to award points and close this topic.  I apologize.

I dont think I ever did find an answer for that problem and just gave up.  Thanks
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