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Posted on 2003-02-26
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Last Modified: 2010-04-15
ive just finished a semester in the uni learning C.
i was wondering  - is c just an old progamming language, or does it have ANY advantages over, say, c++ or java ?

thanx in advance!
Question by:shigwhig

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Hmmm, sounds like a loaded question, and while it may be "little" in terms of number of words, it sure is "big" in terms of issues it can cover <grin>

Anyhow, as you are probably aware, some of the key differences are:

1) C is procedural, C++ & Java are object-oriented, the relative merits of which can be debated in more space than I have here....

2) You can think of C++ as a super-set of C - you can compile and run a C program in a C++ compiler just fine, as well as use a little or a lot of C++ constructs, without ever defining a class, but you would be missing out on many of the great features of C++

3) C and Java are very different and truly force you to think of the problem you are trying to solve differently.  To write "pure C++" you are also forced to think differently (boy, will that start a long thread...)

So, with the above said, you can see that C can't really have any advantages over C++, since anything you can do in C, you can do exactly the same way in C++.  However, there are a number of reasons why you might choose one language (C, C++, Java, VisualBasic, PERL, etc) over another for any given problem.  

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C doesn't have any advantages over C++.
Conversely C++ has many advantages over C!
Many people call C++ as "Better C"!
Since you have already learnt C, it will be easier to learn C++. But, the only difficulty will be to come out of the mindset of structured programming, in order to use the powerful concept of object orientation.


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I come across 0 limitations using plain C.  I understand C++ but I am not well versed in it.  I've yet to come across any need to use C++ over C.
I consider C++ a bloated version of C :)   However both have multitudes of advantages over languages like Java. Not necessarily from a developer's point of view, but from a code execution point of view.
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While you might not come across many limitations in plain C, C++ DOES offer many advantages.  Again, object-oriented capabilities are, in itself, a significant differentiation that are well (better) suited for many development tasks than a procedural language.  But also the support of templates, exceptions, etc, not to mention a very rich set of class libraries that ease many development tasks.

Of course, it also depends what you are familiar/comfortable with...

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I would agree with gi62 that it can mainly depend on what you are familiar/comfortable with..  It can be taken a step further to be said that with the exception of cetain things such as graphics, gui, etc. a program can be written just as well in any language given that the programer uderstands that language well.  It is important to note that a program that may take much more code in c could easily be written in c++ or java in many lines of code less.  In addition, languages are used when their strengths are needed ex: fortran still around 'cause anything to do with math can be coded verywell in it; simerily c++ is used for most games; also c is used widely with the incorporation of assembly language to write o/s's  So in conclusion(j/k sounds like a paper huh?) if a language is around there is a use for it, and thus it does have some advantage over other languages in some respect whatever that may be.

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Did you get your answer!?


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thank u all.

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