how to read file to link list

Posted on 2003-02-26
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-14
//Read Title,Want value, Have value, Names of people to Linklist
//where Names is a string(Who) declared in a struct node waitHead
//which is declared in stockNode:
//as: newNode->waitHead->Who
//Problem is i can not read the string to Who string ??
//nameType declared as char [50];
//Thank for help

typedef struct waitNode* waitPtrType;
struct waitNode
     nameType  Who;
     waitPtrType  Next;

typedef struct stockNode* stockPtrType;
struct stockNode
                    itemClass Item;
                    waitPtrType waitHead,waitTail;
                    stockPtrType Next;

          stockPtrType Head;

void inventory::readFileBackup()

    nameType title; //Character array
    int want,have,i=0;
    itemClass newItem;
    ifstream iFile;

    iFile.open("data.txt", ios::in);
          cout <<"No records in the data.txt file!!"<<endl;
        //First 3 string i read:          
            {//insert node in front of link list
              stockPtrType newNode = new stockNode;

               newNode->Item = newItem;            
           newNode->Next = Head;
          while(iFile>>title)//How to read single string
          newNode->waitHead = newNode->waitHead->Next;
            Head = newNode;                          
            }//end of while    

Content of "data.txt" :

Title1 23 334

Title2 34 5

//Problem how to read data file like in this format?.
Question by:therock_80
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Expert Comment

by:Kent Olsen
ID: 8029109

If you're using Borland's compiler, just derive a class from TStrings and use the built-in methods.

class TMyStrings : public TStrings

TMyStrings MyStrings;

MyStrings.LoadFromFile ("Data.Txt");

MyStrings now contains an array of AnsiStrings, one for each line in the original file.


Accepted Solution

bkrahmer earned 200 total points
ID: 8030604
This is one of the things I hate about C++.  There doesn't seem to be a lot of utility functions in the streams classes.  What I would do is read a line at a time using fgets, and then tokenize the line which has the three fields.  Also, consider using the function ios::good instead of "if (!file)".  You can still write good object-oriented code while still utilizing the basic C library.  

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