trying to install Oracle 9i on Win2K but receive "java runtime environment was not found" error

trying to install the Oracle 9i database om my comp, but when I runsetup.exe, an error occurs saying that jrew.exe (the java runtime environment) is missing from my documents and settings/administrator/local
settings/temp/orainstall directory. I have tried installing the latest java runtime environment, but no success.

the java runtime environment was not found at

everytime I launch the installer it spawns a new install folder, so I can't put anything in the path.

help - Steve
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yavahConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Some suggestions:

1. Free space on your hard disk.

2. If you run setup.exe try running autorun.exe instead.
the missing JREW.EXE occurs when the java runtime engine is not installed, but it is for 8i not for 9i, but you can try.

3.  If you are installing from a remote cd, try installing locally, because Oracle can get confused about the paths.

4. Check the environment variables in your system related to JAVA (CLASSPATH) they should be defined as Oracle directory, if not, clear them.

5. Verify your previous installations where cleaned up.  Check the directory C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory\

6. Find the oraparam.ini file under C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory and verify the path definition for JRE.
It should be:
JRE_LOCATION=C:\Program Files\Oracle\jre\1.1.7

I hope this helps.

This problem is common to Oracle 8.1.7, and the solution is quite similar.

Read this web page:

You should copy a part of your installer onto hard disk and modify .\install\oraparam.ini in order to solve the problem, as indicated in that web page

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