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IP issue

I am using a DHCP server at home and am trying to set up a router that will also serve as a DHCP server. However when I disable one of the DHCP servers and reboot my PC does not get a new IP address. Instead the address is a locally assign one in the range 169.254.xxx.xxx.

Running ipconfig /release and /renew does not help. The first says no adapters are using DHCP and the latter causes an error after timing out.
1 Solution
The 169.245... address is the AUTOCONFIGURATION IP address.  

This is an indication that your DHCP server is NOT working.

Jhance is right about the AUTOCONFIG addr.  You did not say much about your configuration.  That's the automatic address you get when you get no reply on your DHCP broadcast.  Is there a separtate phys sw between ur rtr and the rest of your network, is it wireless, do you have good link on ur pc? advise
another thing that's easy for me to do is make sure the new DHCP server is running but forget to create the scope. It sounds simple but it's happened to me.

just my $0.02
StormspaceAuthor Commented:
In all cases the issue arises when the PC is changed to use DHCP without a hard reboot. Although Windows 2000 will let you switch to DHCP without prompting for a reboot, it doesn't actually take effect until then.

For those of you switching from one DHCP server to another it is wise to bring all machines down, switch the DHCP device and then restart all machines. This is how I was able to make the change without any problems.

Thanks to jhance for the insight!

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