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what type of database to use?

I have an educational based site in which articles are posted in different sections.  I'd like to put them into a database, which will display the most recent in each category in the appropriate cell of the page.  I'd like for it to automatically archive the others.  

What database is the easiest to use?  And the most user friendly?

How does it work?
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> ..  easiest to use
depends on your skills
depends on your requirements

> .. most user friendly
dependson you personal skills

Your question is to wake to give you any helpfull answer other than "go and get a book on database basics", sorry.
Could you please give more details.
What do you mean by "database"? single file, files, RDBMS, ..
AWPAuthor Commented:
I've got some experience with MS Access but that's it.  The records would be articles that need to dynamically be visual in a cell on a page.  There are 5 pages, one for each category.  

I've had some experiencing manipulating JavaScript and cgi but not using databases online.

Does that help for my skill level and needs?  Preferably I want to get something that's already put together that I can simply use.

don't have much experiance with different ready-to-use-tools, but have a look at http://www.phpnuke.org
Ok, I can tell you - but please do not get hurtet. okey?
The access is too far from real Rational Database.

So, fro my experience I can tell you do not look towards Oracle, since it is very progressive.

Don't consider Sybase because it is still need some profissioncy.

About Microsoft SQL - Es tut mir leid, aber darueber wuerde ich nicht sagen. - I'll not talk about it.

What is realy good for most web apps especialy the ones that doesn't go far away, is the MYSQL server. it is so cool. & the interface if it, exists as EXE application, as java application & many other opsiblities.
The DBSERVER of MYSQL is FREE & it's documentation is free too.  personaly like it for educational purposes.
most of the universities people also know the MYSQL & if you search it in google you will get alot alot of information about it.

btw. never mind what SQL server you choose, you will have to learn SQL.

So go ahead !!!
best reagrds,
Alex Rakia    AlexRakia@Yahoo.com

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