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Win2K Server locks up randomly

ASUS CUV4X-D Dual intel 800mhz cpu
1Gb ram (4x256)
2x30Gb Maxtor drives
Win2K server, SP3 installed
3com vortex ethernet card
Machine previously ran Win NT 4.0 workstation sp6 with no problems.

System randomly locks. No errors logged. Happens under load (webserver) or not. Happens with user logged in or not. Screen saver active or not. System reboots fine and works for anywhere from 10 minutes to 12 hours. No heat anomalies on either CPU or motherboard. No voltage anomalies on motherboard.

What I've tried so far.
- replace memory, no effect
- replace video card, no effect
- re-partition drives and re-install OS, no effect
- ran PowerMax utility on hard drives, all passed.
- stripped down memory and added 1 stick at a time, no effect.
- removed network card and ran without, no effect.

Any suggestions about what to try next would be appreciated. I'm about ready to pop for a new motherboard but can't find the same one available anywhere.
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The machine ran for over a year on NT 4 workstation SP6, with no problems.
I've watched the CPU and memory usage up to a lock up and had nothing show up. There are no apps running other than IIS 5.0.
I've just re-started it in safe mode and I'll see how long it runs that way.

This utility from Microsoft might help:

HOWTO: Use Autodump+ to Troubleshoot "Hangs" and "Crashes";en-us;q286350

Good Luck,

-Steve G
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The machine locked up in Safe Mode with network but not Safe Mode without network. When I examined the network properties I couldn't find any problems. But when I looked at the hardware list I found 8 extra devices (WAN miniports) that had been apparently added by NetBeui. I removed this protocol and the machine has been running now for 24 hours without a problem.

Since I found this based on a suggestion from BRAKMAT I'm awarding them the points.