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How do I boolean one shape out of another?

Sorry if it's a dumb question, but my Lightwave 7.5 primer doesn't say anything. I'm actually using 7.0.
I want to use a solid polygon to remove sections and shapes from a larger shape (polygon). I've done this many times in 3DS using the boolean feature. I see the menu for Combine, but boolean is greyed-out.

Pony Horton
1 Solution
Select the layer where the object is, then select the layer where the object you want to subtract is (where the layer selections are in the top right hand corner, there's should be a solid yellow box and a half shaded box, indicating you selected one layer and a background layer).  Then, hit capital B (shift B or if caps is on, just b), and select subtract, press OK then voila.
To do this you need to use layers, they are located on the top right and look like small squares made out of two triangles. by clicking on the top of the square you select all the layer, if you select on the bottom of the layer then you select the layer as a background object.

Now to boolean

Create your main object in one layer then go to the next layer and create your subtracting object.

Now return to the layer with your main object. Now select the layer containing the subtracting object by clicking on the bottom of the layer box. The object should appear in a black wireframe.

Press capital B (Shif + B or CapsLock B) or go to the Multiply tab and select boolean, then choose the boolean type subtract, union etc. click OK and that you.

The subtracting object will remain in the background layer so you can either delete it, use it again or use it as part of the model.

Hope that helps

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