App server application (like under X)

I am looking to "export display" of my winamp to another PC under windows 2000.  Now, under X this is easy, but how do I do this without involving terminal services, or Citrix in windows?

And I am not looking for the whole desktop control (like Remote Desktop in XP), just winamp.
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I don't think it's possible. The only reason this is easy under the X Window System is that X is a client/server architecture--the portion which renders graphics and accepts mouse clicks (the server) is entirely independent of the rest of the system, so it's quite easy for the system to communicate with a server which is actually on another PC.

However, the Windows GUI is tightly integrated into the operating system. You can see this from the example of NT 3.51--in that OS the graphics were all handled by a separate user-mode process, in order to keep buggy graphics drivers out of the kernel (this situation was changed in NT 4 and later). It's not clear why Microsoft bothered, though, because the system considered any failure of the graphic process to be a critical failure and would force a reboot anyway.
tart666Author Commented:
Well, it _is_ possible to do this, at least with Citrix (which we are using at school) or windows terminal services.  Both are pretty expensive...

I was wondering if there's a simpler way, it's only winamp for crying out loud
tart666Author Commented:
I found it!  Netmeeting has "application sharing"!

All is good in MS world!
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