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opening pages

I use this to automatically open a page after running a lotusscript web agent that would display a 'thank you' page.

Print "[/Test.nsf/ThankYou?OpenPage]"

It works on an internet browser but it doesn't work on the notes client. Any suggestions?
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In notes client it is a simple print to bottom Status line.

The redirection is managed by Domino html engine and this is not in between when you run an agent on Client. The Client do it all without the engine.

But anyway. There are LotusScript commands to open Pages. So why do you not distinguish which environment you are running and open appropriate page method?
Call workspace.OpenPage("ThankYou")

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thank you, but the OpenPage method under the NotesUIWorkspace class which doesn't work on web browsers.

what can I do do automatically open the ThankYou page using both notes client and web browser?

am I supposed to make two separate agents (one for the 'print method' and the other for OpenPage method) for that?

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You can use @IsMember("$$WebClient"; @UserRoles) either as a formula by itself, or in a LotusScript Evaluate() function, to determine whether the user is a Notes client or a web browser, and the proceed in your code accordingly.


i knew it.

well, thanks to the both of you.
The regular grading is an A.

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