Setting Up Matt's FormMail Script

My PERL path is: c:\perl\perl.exe
SENDMAIL path: c:\winnt\system32\mail.exe
SENDMAIL path: c:\winnt\system32\blat.exe
My Website Root is: c:\webspace\resadmin\susie\\www
Web hosting : '',''

Matt's suggestion: "There are only two variables in the perl file which you will need to define along with changing the top line of your script to match the location of you Perl interpreter".

$mailprog = '/usr/lib/sendmail -i -t';
@referers = ('','YOUR_IP');

How do I modify these variables to make Matt's formMail work?
My web hosting doesn't support any script questions.
Any help would be appreciated.
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bobbyampmAuthor Commented:
Web hosting's suggestion : For your formmail to work you only need to upload it to the www directory and make sure that the path to sendmail is specify.  There are two mail programs one c:\winnt\system32\mail.exe and c:\winnt\system32\blat both should work.

Their suggestion didn't help much.
does you hosting company uses php? the reason I ask this
is mailto script in php are far more easier then perl
secondly I have had many problems in the past with matt;s
form mail because it started to function as a open relay server. because of a bug in the script!!! so if you are going to use this script make sure you have the latest!!!
other wise you will get a nasty message from

anyway I suggest using php mail to script
have a look around here for one

and I can recommend

Good luck
Firstly, I suggest you use a secure, well written version of FormMail from

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