retrieve checkboxgroup value in jsp

How to retrieve checkboxgroup values sent from one jsp page say <input type="checkbox" name="cbquicklist"> to another jsp page. I have used a group of checkboxes with the same name ="cbquicklist" if i use request.getParameter("cbquicklist"); It returns only the first checkbox value.
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Did you try request.getParameterValues("cbquicklist")? Function returns a String[].

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Don't forget that the browser will only include name/value pair for a checkbox in the response if it's checked.
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I think Malpheus's answer was correct, since using getParameterValue() will only return the first value from the HTTP request; his suggestion should have worked, even though r_muthu never indicated whether or not it did.  My point was extremely important, though, in that it is necessary to note that only checked checkboxes return a value; if you don't keep this in mind when writing your code, you may forget to use "false" for any checkbox on the form that didn't return a value.

I think Malpheus deserves most of the credit, and an A, since his answer was absolutely correct to the question that was asked.  I think I deserve an assist, since my point was one that is often overlooked.
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