Can an Applet work without passing parameters?

Can an Applet can work without passing any parameters?
like for example i need to play a video file in the applet
then in my source code i got something like:

String file = getParameters("File");

Then the applet i got:

<param name = "File" value = "abc.mpg">

But can i not have the param then in the source I have:

String file = "abc.mpg"

Then the applet no param?
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objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes that is fine.
Why would you want to do that btw?
santedespritAuthor Commented:
because the file to be played will most be dynamically retrieved from a database. don't mind it but can i juz ask how can i stop experts-exchange from sending me email? i can't seem to stop it, hence, i've blocked it.
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