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Trim left/right

Hi ,
just wanna know where to get the trim left and trim right
function in pure C.
in Visual C++ it is <string>.Left(int) and <string>.Right(int)
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The following solution was previously proposed (and accepted) in EE:



#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

void trim(char string[])
                         int runner;
                         size_t strLength = strlen(string);
                         for (runner=0;runner<strLength;runner++) {
                              if (*(string+runner)!=' ' && *(string+runner)!='\t') break;


                        strLength = strlen(string);

                         for (runner=1;runner<strLength;runner++) {
                              if (*(string+strLength-runner)!=' ' && *(string+strLength-runner)!='\t') break;

                         *(string+strLength-runner+1) = 0;



I find it quite satisfying.
char *trim(char *str)
  int start;
  int end;
  char *retval;
    if(str[start] != ' ' && str[start] != '\t')
  for(end=strlen(str) - 1;end > start;end--)
    if(str[end] != ' ' && str[end] != '\t')
  retval = (char*)malloc((end - start) + 1);
  strncpy(retval,str + start,end - start);
  return retval;
To my knowlwdge there is no such functions available in common C. For that you have to write your own routines. I have designed two simple functions for this purpose.void

ltrim(char *str)
     int i = 0;
     int length = strlen(str);
     while(str[i]==' ')
     strncpy(str, (str+i), length - i);

void rtrim(char *str)
     int length = strlen(str);
     int i = length - 1;
     while(str[i]==' '&& i!=0)
     str[i+1] = '\0';

Just check it out. using it is very simple.
Hope this may help you.

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Hey guys, what do your functions add compared to my first post?
Reply to Linzer:

You have not given any solution for ltrim and rtrim seperately. What if user wants to use the ltrim only not the rtim. Try to modularize the problem.

who cares......

these sorts of questions always get every body splashing a bit of code up, its up to the asker to decide what one they like the best
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