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General Questions

1. My mouse is REALLY touchy, so I changed it in the settings. But _before_ I logon it's really touchy. How can I change this? (I'm using RH 7.3)

2. My password for both accounts (Root and Normal User) are numbers. How can I configure it so that NumberLock is ON when it boots?

3. My modem isn't working :(. I've been on the internet (On my XP Partition) and check and printed a few things off, but to no, it still doesn't work. What happens is that it sets up all good but the first time I try to dialup it dials, then pauses, then dials, then pauses, and it keeps doing this. So when I cancel it and then try to dial again. It says the device is inuse (or failed, I cant remember). What could cause this?

Thanks all!
1 Solution
1. Before X loads, the mouse is controlled by the console mouse services.I'm not sure if you can set the resolution for console mouse.

2. You should have an option for this in the BIOS of your computer.

3. Couple of things. You are either using a winmodem or you have an irq conflict.
Some modems also require to have a setting NOT to wait for a dial tone efore dialing.
PLs post output of cat /proc/pci and cat /proc/irq


I'll give you my .02 Cents on the Modem
If your Modem is a Windows Modem (Controlled Mainly by Windows Softwarre) Linux does NOT really support it..
However do NOT give up yet, I have gotten a few Win modems to work using this page

Most notably, Lucent..
The bigges thing to find out is the CHIPSET
once you know this (using the page below)
and the modules exist your good as gold..


Take Care
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