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Simple USB Question

If i have a motherboard with an onboard USB controler, but havent got the USB ports to plug into the board, can i use one from another board or are they MB-specific?

1 Solution
What you are looking for is called a USB header.  Any of the newer headers should be universal.
you might get lucky and find one that fits, i havent generally had such luck as different boards arrange the pins for the usb inputs differently.
Try to get one with seperate wires (there are 4 for each usb port, red, white, green and black) then you can just put them onto the pins individually and it will work, in the order of red @ pin 1, white, green and then black and repeat for the other port if it is a 2 port usb extender you have.  P.S. (those colours and order is U.K. standard if you live outside of U.K. then may be different, try to find a motherboard manual to find out which wire is ground etc. and what colour and order they should go in)
Hi ses company ... Most USB slot adapters will allow you to add the USB and can be only $5-$10 plus shipping.  Most are twin 5 pin ::::: with USB #1 on the left and #2 on the right on most boards.  I get most of my stuff like that from www.computergate.com or www.cyberguys.com both are good companies to deal with.  Good luck and God Bless, Rick.

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