Fax using Calling Card - procedure

Can any one help me on using FAX with "calling cards"? I cannot understand the explanation in HELP.

Detailed procedure is appreciated.

Pls note: I have already seen the configuring fax services in Microsoft knowledge base, but no help.
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sathishkumar_sriConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Calling cards are used to dial long distance. First you have to configure calling cards with your internet connection. Visit the following URL for steps to configure a calling card with a internet connection:


The default fax configuration does not use the calling card information contained in your dialing rules. Calling card settings are part of the per-user settings. The Fax service, by default, runs under the System account, so per-user settings are not available to it.

To use calling card settings, set the appropriate calling card settings for an administrator, and configure the Fax service to run under that administrator account.

To configure the Fax service to run under a user's account:

Click Start and then click Control Panel.

Click Administrative Tools.

Double-click Services.

Right-click Fax Service, and then click Properties.

Click the Log On tab.

Click This Account.

Add a local account name with administrator rights. This changes the Fax service from running in the default local System account to an administrator account with access to the per-user settings.

Click OK.

sramesh2kAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry sathishkumar_sri, but I tried your workaround and it didn't work.  The fax service will not restart after stopping (you'll have to stop Fax service to change its logon properties).

Quoted from http://download1.electrasoft.com/faq/faqfmn.htm#Q08

"You can enter in your calling card information in the Fax# Prefix area in the Send Fax box. Put in whatever needs to be dialed. A comma is equal to about a 2 second pause.

So, if you entered in the following in the Fax# Prefix:

18005555555,,123,, "

Basically, once you get the Fax Wizard started, put in the area code for the your calling card and type in "whatever needs to be dialed" as the number.
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