Simply Reading Off a File

Posted on 2003-02-27
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Last Modified: 2010-08-05
'I have no experience in VB, so this question should be really simple for the people here...

'Bascially, I want to read off a file and dump it into an array of record and read it to a string variable.

'It is a matching program, the input file is this:
'Which picture has an apple in it?


'The code is this:
Private Type rDatabase 'The Record
       sPic1 As String * 20
       sPic2 As String * 20
       sQ As String
       sA As String
     End Type

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim aData(1 To 100) As rDatabase 'array of record
Dim iCount As Integer
Dim Index As Integer
Dim sTmp1 As String

 Open "G:\VB\Questions.txt" For Output As 1 'open file to read
 Index = 0 'array index
 Do While (Not EOF(1))
    Index = Index + 1
    Get #1, , aData.sPic1(Index)
    Get #1, , aData.sPic2(Index)
    Get #1, , aData.sQ(Index)
    Get #1, , aData.sA(Index)
  sTmp = aData.sPic1(1) 'I will assign it to something else, for now, just testing
End Sub

'When I run it, I get an invalid qualifier error and aData in the loop is highlighted.  Also, when I trace, codes within the loop does not run (when aData is removed from the loop).  I also get an error in "sTmp = aData.sPic1(1)"

'I realize there must be a lot errors within the codes.  Please help a newbie out.
Question by:fantasymick
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Expert Comment

ID: 8033800
Try this

Open "G:\VB\Questions.txt" For Input As 1

You are reading the file INto your program not printing it OUT from your program.

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Expert Comment

ID: 8033810
you are using the array incorrectly:

instead of this:

   Get #1, , aData.sPic1(Index)
   Get #1, , aData.sPic2(Index)
   Get #1, , aData.sQ(Index)
   Get #1, , aData.sA(Index)

try it this way:

   Get #1, , aData(Index).sPic1
   Get #1, , aData(Index).sPic2
   Get #1, , aData(Index).sQ
   Get #1, , aData(Index).sA

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Expert Comment

ID: 8033864
Use the following method to read a file:
Set References to Microsoft Scripting Runtime in your VB project.

Declare the following variables in Declaration section:
     Dim objFSO As FileSystemObject
Dim objTextFile As TextStream
Dim strRead as String
Create the following Sub to Write to a textfile:
Public Sub WriteToFile()
     strFileName="C:\My Documents\Testing.txt"
         Set objTextFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(strFileName, ForReading)
strRead = objTextFile.ReadAll
End Sub
'--- strFileName is the file name where you want to write the text along with the full path of the file.
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Expert Comment

ID: 8033897

   Varfile = FreeFile
    FilePath = App.Path & "\Nambi.dat"
    'FilePath = "C:\FrunLog.txt"
    Open FilePath For Input As #Varfile  ' Open File
    Length = LOF(Varfile)  ' Length of File
    Text1 = Input(Length, Varfile) 'Get File Details and Store them into Text1

   Noe You Have the Contents in Text1.
   Dim Arr
   Arr=Split(Text1," ")

Then it will Split the Every Word From the Text1 and Store Eac Wod into the Array Called Arr.
UBound(Arr) is used to findout the No of Elements.

for i=0 to ubound(Arr)
  msgbox arr(i) 'to display Every Word



Expert Comment

ID: 8033946

For reading Contents From File U Must open it on Input Mode. Not in OutPut Mode.

Split Fn is used to split the Content according to Your Delimiter and store tem into Array.

So I Hope Code avail above Will be helpful.

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Expert Comment

ID: 8034228
in aqddition to my earlier comment, you should also change this:

sTmp = aData.sPic1(1)


sTmp = aData(1).sPic1

since aData is the ARRAY, you need to specify the index on the ARRAY, in each case:






Accepted Solution

samgiuoco earned 300 total points
ID: 8035104
Open repname For Input As #1

index = 0

do until (EOF(1) = True)
     index = index + 1
     Line Input #1, aData(Index).sPic1
     Line Input #1, aData(Index).sPic2
     Line Input #1, aData(Index).sq
     Line Input #1, aData(Index).sa

close #1

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