error 2176 setting for this property is too long........

I have intermediate level knowledge of Access, and am assigned to maintain some old Access 97 applications.

One such application has a table containing latitude/longitude geographic data. Data
to be imported into Access is placed into an Excel table by a commercial package called ArcView, then imported. It has worked OK for many years. Recently we upgraded Excel to 2002. Now the Access 97 package gives us the message:

"The setting for this property is too long.  You can enter up to either 255 or 2,048 characters for this property, depending on the data type."

I see that you had some exchanges back in 9/2002 about error 2176 with the above message.

I can find no explanation of this error message anywhere and don't know what property or what setting it is referring to.

Is there an exhaustive reference of all Access messages somewhere?

Does MS have a useful forum/area/subscription for Access maintainers/developers? Thx

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fullaccessconsultingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Quick work the file as a CSV (comma delimited text file) and import it that way.  You can set up a import spec and save it..making it easier to import the next time.

if the import is automatic, you probably need to save the file in Excel 97 format, and see if that solves it.
lawdon99Author Commented:
Thanks. I have a few days, so I'll save the workaround for the crunch. In the meantime, I'll check the other.
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