OnUnload - Confirm - Redirect upon choice

I wanted to set a confirmation popup based upon an  onUnload event - additionally, based upon what they select - "OK" , "Cancel" - I want to the user to be directed to one page or another -

Is this possible?
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something like this ?

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<script type="text/javascript">
function whereTo() {
   var c = confirm("Are you want to go topage1.html")
  if (c) window.open("page1.htm")
  else window.open("page2.htm")
     return false
// -->
<body onunload="return whereTo()">

tbaseflugAuthor Commented:
Thanks cubrovic  -

Works great - one question for you though - I have a form on the same page and when I submit the form, the onUnload event fires as well - I guess I should have been more clear, in that I am trying to set the onUnload event when the user attempts to close the window - whereby they get a message that asks for confirmation (and based upon "ok" or "cancel" selection) they will be redirected to a new window - your script works great with this, but if they hit "cancel" and instead submit the form on the page, it still fires?
Add this function and call it from the form's onsubmit event handler

function FormSubmited() {
   window.onunload = null

<form onsubmit="FormSubmited()" ...>

That will cler the onunload event if the user submits the form

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Create a variable in the top of your html and set it when you click the submit button or any other button or link you don't want your unload script to work on.

Try this


var runUnload = true;

function yourUnloadFunction()
   if( runUnload )
      ... your code ...


<input type="submit" value="submit" onClick="runUnload = false;">

That should do it.
Maybe this will work for u?

function a()
 return "are you sure you want to exit without answering?";
tbaseflugAuthor Commented:
I certainly appreciate all of the help on this one and have it nailed down now -

I am awaring points to cubrovic, as his was the solution that I used first - but feel ba in not giving at leats partial credit to Dword, as without his help I would not have gotten to where I am with the script - as a whole - thanks to all!!!
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