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Outlook 2002/XP - Disable auto-remember? feature


We have a number of Outlook 2002/Outlook XP users that are having a problem with the address auto-complete feature. It seems to be remembering addresses from past emails even if they are not part of the GAL or that user's personal contacts. Is there a way to stop this from happening? As an example... say there is an employee named Bob Smith and he is in the GAL as bobsmith@company.com but the user has also sent him personal email to bob@partytime.com even though it's never been added to their contacts folder. If the user (who can never seem to remember to use the last name) types in bob and hits send the email remembers the bob@partytime.com address and that's where the message gets sent.

Now my question... is it possible to turn off this auto-remember feature and if so how?

Thanks.... also the Exchange server is v5.5 if that also makes a difference.

1 Solution
From the OL2002 help.

Turn off automatic name checking and completion
On the Tools menu, click Options.
Click E-Mail Options.
Click Advanced E-Mail Options.
Do one or more of the following:
Turn off automatic name checking

Under When sending a message, clear the Automatic name checking check box.
Turn off automatic completion of e-mail names

Under When sending a message, clear the Suggest names while completing To, Cc, and Bcc fields check box
Dawn_BlAuthor Commented:
Thanks slink...

Sometimes I overlook the obvious :)

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