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What partitions??

Well I'm not sure if I'm lost, the question I'm given isn't right, and/or the book they gave us to study from isn't good.  One question I was given for W2K Server final is "Know what type of partitions that W2K can use and when to use them."  Well, I'm not sure where I'm at.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
William Richardson
William Richardson
1 Solution
I would think that what they are getting at is:
Type I - NTFS
Reason - More security permissions for each file.  Each file/folder can be restricted to a certain set of users/groups that is authenticated through Windows Active Directory each and every time the file is accessed making NTFS files more secure and more flexible in terms of security.

Type II - FAT32
Reason - Windows 9x/ME machines can only read these type of drives.  If you are dual-booting and want both OS's to have access to the parition in question, the drive must be FAT32 since Windows 9x/ME OS could not see the partition otherwise.

Type III - FAT16
Reason - I don't think that Windows 2000 can see this type of partition.  It is only used by Windows 95.  Therefore in terms of W2k and using them, it can't and wouldn't be an answer at all!

Maybe this helps?

William RichardsonAuthor Commented:
Well I'm hearing other things also I just didn't know where to go.  Well it was the different file systems.  However, I was not aware of Type I, II, & III.  This helps too.  Thanks,


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