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Help needed with text in a field


I am working on a form, with a field called "body", the formula for "body" is:
-start formula-
@NewLine+Catno+": "+Description+@NewLine+@NewLine+SMPTY+" Samples (MFR: "+Vndor+"-"+EDNO+")"+@NewLine+
-end formula-
Which works as expected. What I need to do is insert some text below the "COMMENTS" area in the form. The text will be something along the lines of:
-start text-
This is area 1
-end text-

And I will have areas 2 and 3 as well.

I tried putting the text in the form outside of the "body" field, but it doesn't get displayed when the form is filled out and emailed.

I looked around on Notes.net for a @text, @print, @write, command, but haven't found anything that will work.

Any assistance on this is appreciated.
1 Solution
do everything you're presently doing, but name your field "body1".  make a field called "Body" computed and hidden, with the formula:

body + @newline + "-------------------" + @newline + "this is area1" + @newline + "---------------" + @Newline

Another way to do this, would be to do just what you're doing, but use the form option "store form in document" which will send the complete form including all that you've done.
You can just add these to the end of the formula for your body field:

@NewLine + Catno + ": " + Description + @NewLine + @NewLine + SMPTY + " Samples (MFR: " + Vndor + "-" + EDNO + ")" + @NewLine + @NewLine + "COMMENTS:" + @NewLine + "---------------------------------" + @NewLine + "This is area 1" + @NewLine + "---------------------------------" + @NewLine + "This is area 2" + @NewLine + "---------------------------------" + @NewLine + "This is area 3" + @NewLine + "---------------------------------"


Hi yim11,
I think you can have problems if 'the text in the form outside of the "body" field' is rich text. Try converting it to Text.
yim11Author Commented:
Thanks all for the comments.

A iittle more info on this form - it is a notes email template for sending a report (usually to an Exchange [Outlook] address.

AJP - I almost got it with your solution. I wanted to have the

areas non-editable, so I made each of the 3 a field (body2, body3, etc.) with a empty field below them for user input. I noticed that when the form was sent, the body was empty [in outlook] when received. I tried formulas such as "body + body1 + body1text + body2 + body2text....etc" in the main form as well in the body field, but still no go.

I did work with the "store form in document" suggestion, but could not get that work at all.

Any additional thoughts? Or info I can provide? Can you elaborate on the "store form in document" suggestion please?



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