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Bottleneck in memory using DDR400 with VIA P4X400 chipset

This has been driving me crazy for 2 months!  I have a SOYO SY-P4X400 Dragon Ultra Platnium MOBO Revision B 8X AGP, P4 2.8 Ghz 512L2 533Mhz FSB, 2 sticks of 512 MB Mushkin PC3200 Enhanced DDR 400 memory rated 2.5-3-3 (recommened by SOYO), ATI RADEON 9700 PRO 8X AGP 128 MB 310 Mhz Core 324 Mhz Mem, SB Audigy 2 Platnium Breakout Box connected, Intel PRO/1000 NIC, Enermax 431 watt power supply P4 Certified, WD 80 GB Special Edition Cavier ATA 100 HDD, Toshiba 16X DVD, Plextor 48X24X48A CDR-W, in a Chemming elitite aluminum custom bulit full tower.  Using WinXP Home FULL, 1 120mm Fan on side window, 1 92mm fan on top case window and 1 80mm fan in back, ThermalTake Dragon ORB CPU heatsink and fan supported to 3.06 Ghz running at 6300RPM.  have ATA 133 Round cables and excellent air flow in the case.  Using the latest MOBO BIOS 1-24-03/P4X400-8235-6A6LXS2AC-00 off the SOYO website and current drivers.  Have all the service packs and windows updates installed, using the latest audigy drivers from creative website, using latest Intel PRO/1000 drivers from intel website, using latest Catalyst 3.1 video driver and control panel drivers from ATI website, using the latest VIA Hyperion Chipset drivers from VIA Arena website.  MOBO runs at about 88 degrees F and CPU runs at about 110 degrees F.  That said here is my problem I cannot get my memory to run any faster than 2462/2457 MB with 77% efficiency or my CPU to run any faster than 7035 MIPS-1589/3629 MFLOPS according to SiSoftware Sandra Professional!  As you can see my memory is not even running at DDR333 speeds and my processor barely at 2.6 Ghz.  This is really impairing my system performance.  My Northbridge is VIA Apollo P4X400 and South Bridge is 8235, My CPU to PCI Bridge is VIA Technologies Inc. Pro SavageDDR P4X333.  OK I thought that was my problem but the CPU to PCI Bridge should not constitute the whole system running at less the DDR333 speeds.  I have tried everything from different memory timings to changing DIMM Banks, lowering the the memory speed, increasing voltages, overclocking the FSB etc.etc.etc.  I have turned off all Windows services I don't need, have turned off USB 2.0 support, printer port, serial ports, have windows running in performance mode (no extra bells and whistles or themes).  The Memory timings I am using now is set at 200 Mhz speed-CAS 2.5-bank 4 -trp 3T -trans 7T -trcd 3T -Command 2T -burst 8 -Write recover 2T -Access time 2T.  I've tried setting these settings at various rates from lowest to by speed and trying other various settings.  BIOS and Video BIOS Cacheable is disabled.  AGP Appature is set to 64 MB. V-Link 8X Support=enabled -AGp Master 1WS Read=enabled -AGP Master 1WS Write=enabled -CPU-PCI Write Buffer=enabled -PCI Delay Transaction=enabled -Auto Detect PCI/DIMM=enabled -Spread Spectrum=Disabled -Fast Writes=diabled -PCI Master 0 WS Write=enabled -CPU L1&L2 Cache=enabled -CPU L2 Cache ECC Checking=enabled -S.M.A.R.T.=disabled -MPS version=1.4 APIC Mode=enabled.  I hope this informnation helps anyone who is willing to help me.  I have tried and tried to gain the extra bandwidth with no prevail :(  The best DIMM bank setting is Bank 1 and Bank 3 for both sticks and I have tried each memory stick on at time and retested with the same results.  
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Firstly, the VIA chipsets are a LOT less efficient than the equivalent Intel chipsets. 77% efficiency sounds low, but thats the price you pay for not buying Intel ;)

Next, the only way you are going to be able to increase bandwidth once the memory divider is set to maximum is to overclock the fsb which will lead to a corresponding increase in bandwidth.

To give you an idea, Im running a P4 1.8ghz at 161fsb (memory set to 4:3 ratio to give 215mhz) on an Intel 845 chipset. Sandra tops out about 3300 on the memory bandwidth test.

I got nothing against Via chipsets for AMD cpus, but it makes sense to buy Intel chipsets for Intel CPUs.

lowREGAuthor Commented:
Where were you when I was I looking for a motherboard? HAHA!  That makes perfect sense, my last MOBO was ASUS A7V-266E and a AMD XP 1800+.  I liked the VIA chipset so I went with VIA but this is my first P4, so I just stayed with what I knew.  But again you make perfect sense and thank you!

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