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Flat Monitors - Question

Dear all:
I am planning to go for a new Flat monitor (LCD). As I am in japan now, I would have to buy it here. My question is:

1. Is there any country specific thing in monitors?
2. Will work if I take it anywhere else (except for voltage differences in different countries)?

3. Is the drivers of monitors are specific to Japanese OS only or will work with any other language OS..

Would appreciate any pointers..

1 Solution
The answer below will answer all your question.
1. There isn't any country specific for any monitor as all of them are standard compliance monitor.
2. It will works if you take it anywhere, but as you know, the voltage is different between different countries.
3. As for the driver, make sure you got the driver for english version as they may come with a japanese version driver. Ask the dealer before you buy it. Btw, if they don't have english version driver, you may still be able to find the driver on the internet.
Don't confuse "FLAT" with "LCD".  These are not terms for the same thing.  All LCD displays are FLAT but not all display marketed as "flat" are LCD.

1) Some displays have their OSD (on screen display) of various items in locale specific languages but most today are using "icons" that are supposed to be understandable by anyone...

2) Most LCD displays use a UNIVERSAL type supply and will work from 110-240V and 50-60Hz.  But check your SPECIFIC model to be 100% sure.

3) Monitor "drivers" are not really "drivers" in the same sense as other hardware devices.  They are really just tables of scan rates and update frequencies and are generally language neutral.
One other note, LCD monitors have one of two plugs in the back, one is the standard VGA which is blue and 15 pins.  The other is DV, it is for a high quality signal.  Make sure that the screen your looking at has the plug that your computers video card supports.  
ramsdeskAuthor Commented:
Thankyou.. Your comments were useful.

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