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How to store my buttons in an array

Hi all

I want to store my commandButtons in an array

Dim arrCmdButtons(11) As CommandButton

'-- initialize this array with command buttons

arrCmdButtons(0) = R_cmdAddGS
arrCmdButtons(1) = R_cmdRemoveGS
arrCmdButtons(2) = R_cmdUp
arrCmdButtons(3) = R_cmdDown
arrCmdButtons(4) = R_cmdBoarding
arrCmdButtons(5) = R_cmdGrooming
arrCmdButtons(6) = R_cmdEdit
arrCmdButtons(7) = R_cmdReserve
arrCmdButtons(8) = R_cmdTransac
arrCmdButtons(9) = R_cmdCancel
arrCmdButtons(10) = R_cmdBook

but I am getting the following: object or variable is not set.

What you think the problem is ?
1 Solution
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
because CommandButton are objects, you need to use SET:

SET arrCmdButtons(0) = R_cmdAddGS
hi ram,

The easy way to create a control array is in design mode
put the command button on the form.Name it
arrCmdButtons then set index = 0.

now you can add more buttons with Load as follows:

Private Sub Form_DblClick()
For i = 1 To 10
Load arrCmdButtons(i)
arrCmdButtons(i).Left = arrCmdButtons(i - 1).Left
arrCmdButtons(i).Top = arrCmdButtons(i - 1).Top + arrCmdButtons(i_1).Height
arrCmdButtons(i).Visible = True
arrCmdButtons(1).Caption = "R_cmdRemoveGS"
' etc to put Captions on the buttons
End Sub

In design mode I set arrCmdButtons(0) = R_cmdAddGS

I just used Form_DblClick()to launch the Load thing.
You could launch it however you wish

Ramesh4uAuthor Commented:

Thank you emoreau

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