Query regarding find command in perl

I am relatively new to perl scripting
I just wanted a help from you
I writing a perl script which backup all the files ending with txt of the users in the network
I am working on unix machine

how do i write a code equivalent the below unix command

find . -name '*.flt' -exec cp {} ./$HOME/backup \;

please give some suggestions or any hints...
I have tried using the command
system "find . -name '*.flt' -exec cp {} ./$HOME/backup \;"; in the perl script
but it gives error  "missing argument to `-exec'"

Please help me out......
Thanking you


Sagar Sirdesai
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Why do you want to use Perl for this task?
sagar24Author Commented:
its easier to write the backup script in perl
as per my requirement so I am using perl

the whole scripts runs fine except for the find part
is there ne other alternate command
where I can find files ending with .txt
and simultaneous copy them to my backup directopry

Thanking you
sagar Sirdesai
You can use File::Find and File::Copy modules for that purpose

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Also look at the find2perl utility that comes with Perl.
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