How to grant an object permission in one db to a user/role which resides in another db


In SQL Query Analyzer, I execute:

Use mydatabase
grant execute on getDate to rolegroup

(getDate is a user defined stored procedure, rolegroup is a user defined role)

This is ok.

What would be the syntax like if I want to grant a permission to a user/role whom resides in another database.

Is there something like
grant execute on getDate to anotherdatabase@rolegroup

This is crucial for example if an object resides in master database and I need to grant the object to another database user/role.


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Role are entities within the database and can only be granted permissions on objects within that database.

Put the role in the two databases, put the same users in each then you should be able to grant access within the database.

In fact from bol for Grant
Creates an entry in the security system that allows a user in the current database to work with data in the current database or execute specific Transact-SQL statements.


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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
I agree with nigelrivett (points to him)
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deschewAuthor Commented:
Thank you.

But it seems that by putting same role in another database will violate some security issues.

If I am not mistaken the system stored procedure sp_sdidebug is contained inside 'Master' database. If a users in 'Newdatabase' wish to use this system stored procedure, he needs to be in Master database.

Another way is to grant it to the public.

This is the case of system procedure.
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