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Windows Handle Question

Hi guys,

I don´t now if it´s even possible to do this,but anyway...

I now how to get a handle to a specific window. But I always have to now the name of it, like 'Shell_TrayWnd' for the tasbar.
But first how do I now the names of other windows?
for example: Bevor I recieve my Mails in Outlook I set it up so that I always have to enter my password.

Is there a chance to get a handle to this "Password-Input-window" and to send my password-string from my app directly in to the password editfield?
How do I now the name of this window and how can I access this special edit field where the password belongs into?

I now its a little crazy example but anyway,just for understanding this window-handle-stuff

Thanks a lot
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1 Solution
Lukasz LachCommented:
Sure you can...
Have a look at my accepted answer on
You can make yourself a list of windows and child windows with that. Then simply Use FindWindow and FindWindowEx of which an example will you find on that page too :-)
ScotchmanAuthor Commented:
I never worked with handles bevor,so am I right that a I can´t get a HANDLE only on windows but also on editboxes etc.?

If my understanding is right I use FindWindowEx to get a handle to window-CHILDS. Is a edit-box such a child,to?

I also found this:
(If I am right, EditWnd gets a handle to a edit-box,is that right???? )

function ChangeWndFirstEditText(Wnd: HWND; const Text: string): boolean;
var EditWnd: HWND;
     EditWnd:=FindWindowEx(Wnd, 0, 'EDIT', nil);
     if EditWnd=0 then
          exit; // edit not found
     Result:=SendMessage(EditWnd, WM_SETTEXT, 0, Integer(PChar(Text)))<>0;

Yes, the controls have handles as well, you can also for example get the handle of the Listview in the NT/XP/2k taskmanager if you wanted to.

I don't think that code is correct because if I remember correctly the 3rd parameter of FindWindowEx is a CLASS, and editboxes aren't of the 'edit' class variety i'm affraid :)

What you should do is get an API spy and hover it over that password dialog - the api spy will tell you what class that edit box is so that you can check for the appropriate class and return according results.

(E.g. it could be TEdit).

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ScotchmanAuthor Commented:
API Spy, i never heard about that bevor,but sounds interesting. i will check it out...
There's one that comes with Delphi  I think. Then there's one that comes with Visual Studio.. and there's quite a few of them available for free on the web as well;

ScotchmanAuthor Commented:
I used WinSight to listen for the window names, and it worked so far,but I still had no look getting the name of the Edit field. I also used ApiSpy,but it only gave me the names of the usable procedures or functions....
ScotchmanAuthor Commented:
Got it now. But one last question:
In my case I have TWO windows with ne same class name which only differ in the window text.
Is there a chance to skip to the next window with the same class name if the first isn´t the right one?I can check this with the window name...
Lukasz LachCommented:
second parameter in FindWindow is a Window Caption. When using EnumWindowProc use GetWindowText to get it's caption...

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